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Secure retail displays merchandising the latest consumer electronic technology such as the iPad 3 tablet, iPhone 5S or the new Samsung S4 Smartphone need to attractively present the device, protect the Smartphone or Tablet mechanically but also secure the hardware electronically with an alarm.

In addition to the display and security requirements the device is charged allowing the customer to interact with a fully functioning model.

 RTF Secure Display Chair Experiment - Sit back and enjoy the latest wireless technology

The iPad 3 and iPad Mini currently set the bar high as the go to device in the realm of tablets and with a high customer demand comes a high risk of theft. Other popular Smartphones as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note along with the new LG G2 can run as high as $600-800 per device and therefore RTF offers many secure display options.

Choose from hardware and software display security solutions to ensure a high level of customer interaction while protecting the Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft Smartphones from shoplifting. The first solution is Boomerang3, a simple and cost effective approach to keep the electronic merchandise on display and straight. This clean and attractive system is easy to use, quickly connects and disconnects for carefree merchandising.

Add a larger tape surface along with a detection pin to sound an alarm at removal and Boomerang3X is a secure and strong solution to combat Smartphone or Tablet theft. When Smartphones and Tablets are required to charge while merchandised add a charge cap and Boomerang3X+ is the best tape based, alarm and charge shoplifting prevention system.

The next solution, Vise3, offers a universal, mechanical approach in which the Smartphone or Tablet is held by a series of reinforced, locking claws. To add an electronic merchandise alarm, select Vise3+, RTF’s latest alarm and charging platform.

RTF's most recent solution, SmartCircle, introduced in March of 2013,  can be downloaded to Apple iOS 7 Android Jellybean, Blackberry 10 or Windows Mobile 8. This security software protects the Smartphone or Tablet from unauthorized removal and reports back to an Android Manager the status of battery level along with numerous other statistics.

For more information on Smartphone and Tablet in store secure display solutions contact RTF Global  

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